With an intelligent eye on the future, the foundation for Puerto Rico is forward-thinking and dedicated to driving smart infrastructure change to Puerto Rico. The future of the island is dependent on new technologies, systems and sustainable solutions not vulnerable to climate change that will bring economic development. Through a combination of sustainable solutions to support infrastructure and systems, we’re focused on making a better Puerto Rico through tactics including:

  • Small Business Pilot Programs that will provide funds needed to hundreds of small businesses to survive and thrive with a focus on farms and businesses  in the agricultural supply chain
  • New Energy Solutions and implementation of smart grid systems that will protect Puerto Rico’s future livelihood
  • Development and sponsorship of strategic investment and redevelopment initiatives in key sectors like telecommunications, public health and urban planning
  • Hosted 180 businesses and NGO’s to provide modern office facilities
  • Served as certified fiscal agent to help other non-profit entities ensure monetary and physical goods are handled properly
  • Reached 67K people to deliver 20K gallons of drinking water
  • Visited 97% of the Island
  • 125 Elderly Care Homes Impacted
  • 103 Missions Completed
  • Over 500 Volunteers helping those who need it the most.
  • 37.7k Pounds of food distributed
  • 31K Electronic food stamp transactions  



Board of Directors

  • Jon Borschow / Chairman

  • Lizzie Rosso / VP & Secretary

  • Gregory Kaufman / Treasurer

  • Ramón Mellado / Member

  • Ignacio Canto / Member

  • Juan Antonio Ramos / Member

  • Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz / Member

  • Ronald Castro / Member

  • Graciela Eleta / Member

  • Alexander Borschow / Member

  • Daneris Fernández / Member

  • Milton Cruz / Member

  • Terestella González-Dentón / Member