Data that drives the digital innovation in The Visitor Economy

The Visitor Information and Experience Warehouse of Puerto Rico (“VIEWPR”) is a non-profit effort propelled by Foundation for Puerto Rico, that seeks to increase economic activity in our communities by helping businesses put their information online and share their information with travel platforms across the world. In addition, we provide digital presence workshops and tools to empower businesses to manage their information and interactions online. 


Puerto Rico has many experiences to offer, but…

…many local businesses do not manage
their information online


VIEWPR gives individuals, communities and local businesses free access to the most updated information about points of interest (POI) and experiences in Puerto Rico to understand the travel offer in their geography and develop complementary products and services. We list, attractions, restaurants, tours, stories, accommodations, events and many other POI. 

Local businesses can take ownership of their business information and provide new and authentic content on what there is to do in their communities. Once they contribute information in VIEWPR, we share it with travel platforms across the world, where travelers today are looking for it! Thus, increasing their online visibility and helping them save time they can invest in their own operations. 


How we help business owners?

One-stop shop to connect with digital travel platforms
All travel and tourism businesses and attractions are welcomed! By registering and claiming your business you will be able to manage your information. This information is shared with platforms like, and other digital travel platforms so potential visitors can find your business and include it in their plans, increasing the economic opportunities for your business. 


Technical assistance & workshops
VIEWPR is more than an online platform. We also provide a monthly series of workshops to 25-35 businesses on average around the island. With these workshops, we want to empower business owners and community members to improve their online information and content to attract more visitors. In addition, we develop online guides and toolkits on how to have a robust digital presence and stay on top of the game.


Looking for travel assets in Puerto Rico?
Foundation for Puerto Rico is committed to facilitate the development of new travel products and services by empowering individuals and local business owners as tour operators and DMC’s with information. 

VIEWPR has a simple search tool, where you can look by region and category to narrow your search and identify what travel assets are available in the island. Use this information to organize your tours and create new experiences. Lastly, don’t forget to update your business information and that of points of interest near you. You can search our database after registering here.

Need to claim your business? Search for it and 'claim’ it here.

Digital Travel Platforms & Developers

VIEWPR offers developers and travel platforms the most comprehensive and up to date database of Puerto Rico’s travel information. By partnering with us, you will have access to validated points of interest, descriptions, media, overall POI related content for you to share with potential visitors. Our aim is for visitors to discover more authentic experiences, inspiring more travelers to visit our island and plan a longer stay. 

Want to access our API and database of validated points of interest? Follow these steps to connect to our API.


FPR aims to transform the island into a destination for the world. Events such as the Destino Hack gives us the opportunity to present the leaders who are changing the destination landscape and are driving economic growth through new business models, innovative strategies, and digital best practices.

The Destino Hack Summit included presentations from regional executives from technology and tourism companies, such as the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico, Google, Hyp3r, Discover Puerto Rico, Miles Partnership, Airbnb, Skift, TripAdvisor, Roca Marketing, among others. The Destino Hack Hackathon hosted several emerging projects that are using technology and innovation to promote Puerto Rico as a destination for the world. During the hackathon designers, engineers, students, programmers and entrepreneurs developed, for 24 consecutive hours, applications and technological solutions focused on improving the visitor's experience.

Click here for full details of the events’ presentations, contest winners, images and recap videos.