In 2014, Foundation for Puerto Rico began to work on making the Visitor Economy a priority to all stakeholders in Puerto Rico. This effort began by establishing a Visitor Economy Research Unit to help guide tourism policy discussion on the Island. A series of research papers were published around various Visitor Economy topics, ranging from destination management, sharing economy, to national tourism statistics. FPR also conducted a series of events and workshops around the research and policy recommendations to promote dialogue among the various stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem. 

Recent News

Visitor Economy Publications

Visitor Economy Data Portal

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Foundation for Puerto Rico’s Visitor Economy Data Portal provides access to visitor’s economic data and statistics. This tool currently consolidates more than 10 years of periodical tourism official data publications, to provide a comprehensive view on the current state of tourism activity in Puerto Rico. It provides historical data for analysis comparison across countries and tourism indicators.

Visitor Economy Insider Series

In this unique series of interviews, Foundation for Puerto Rico presents the first “Visitor Economy Insider Series” around the local tourism ecosystem. Local economic development stakeholders are interviewed to discuss themes around public policy issues; destination management; tourism marketing and branding; policy recommendations; tourism destination planning; among others.

Visitor Economy Policy Briefings


This quarterly policy briefings will provide insights and information around the local tourism public policy discussions. The articles are based on actual visitor economy research and topics ranging from sharing economy; national tourism statistics; laws and regulations; data and policy recommendations.