Taller de Presencia Digital (Isabela)

Con el fin de asegurar que los negocios y atracciones locales tengan una presencia digital robusta, FPR desarrolló talleres especializados que enseñan a los dueños de negocio a posicionarse efectivamente en el internet. En los talleres se les brinda apoyo individualizado sobre cómo crear y reclamar los perfiles digitales de sus negocios. Cada taller impacta de 25-30 dueños de negocios. El objetivo de los talleres es proveer:

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Startup Weekend in Aguadilla

StartUp Weekend in Aguadilla was a complete success in collaboration with Centro Para Emprendedores!  The participants presented their business ideas and worked on group projects throughout the weekend. They were mentored by experts in the fields of business development, marketing, computer services, amongst others. 

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Holiday Open House

Foundation for Puerto Rico hosted a Holiday Open House on December 5th, 2018. We celebrated out seven year trajectory and discussed our plans for 2019. We also recognized all of the volunteers that collaborated with us in missions, brigades, strategic planning, amongst others.

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Beach Cleanup Day

The FPR team spent a day doing community service work in Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla. The beach’s infrastructure suffered damages after Hurricane Maria. We reconstructed the stairs that lead to the beach & removed the sand from the dock & repainted it. Over 50 volunteers supported the efforts, helping restore access to the beach, especially for people dependent on mobility aids like wheelchairs.

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