Interview with Rodrick Miller, CEO of Invest Puerto Rico

In this two part interview, we talked with Invest Puerto Rico’s newly appointed CEO, Rodrick Miller, about the efforts to promote the island as an investment destination. 

“It’s not just about bringing in jobs and investments, which is a core principle of economic development […] but you also want to create opportunity and give a sense of hope that there is a better future”, says Miller, emphasizing that the ultimate goal of bringing in investment is for socioeconomic development and broad-based prosperity.

Rodrick discusses Invest Puerto Rico’s wide-ranging set of responsibilities. Other than marketing Puerto Rico as a prime destination, Invest Puerto Rico also needs to anticipate where the economy is going, increase the population by attracting talented people, and build capacity to meet investment demands.

With 15 years of experience working with Detroit’s bankruptcy and Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in New Orleans, Miller emphasizes the importance of consistency in economic development, which he says should be unhindered by politics. “By having a professional team that’s non-partisan, non-political, in place, you ensure that there’s consistent service to companies across the board.”

Miller acknowledges that a lot of hard work lies ahead in order to achieve Invest Puerto Rico’s purpose on the island. “This is going to take a concerted effort of the public, private, and non-profit sector.”

Listen in to find out more about reshaping the island’s investment opportunities and how organizations are going to take part in these initiatives.