Foundation for Puerto Rico Begins Phase One of Whole Community Resilience Program


On January 15, Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) signed an agreement with the Department of Housing (DV) to lead the coordination of the Whole Community Resilience Planning Program (WCRP).

As part of the first phase, FPR is building a multisectoral working group that will include key government, community, NGOs and non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico that have the knowledge and experience in the different focus areas of the program, specifically: housing, health and environment, education, infrastructure and economic development.

The Multisectoral Working Group will collaborate with communities on developing resilience plans to prevent, prepare and handle emergency situations, including natural disasters.

"These working group partnerships are crucial to achieving a more comprehensive and inclusive process, and will result in higher quality and sustainable plans,” said Annie Mayol, President and COO of FPR. “We’re excited to continue to carry out projects driven by collaborations with partners, including government, private sector, third sector, communities and individuals for the economic and social development of Puerto Rico.

Executive president of the Puerto Rico Community Foundation, Dr. Nelson Colón Tarrattles, explained that, "we have seen how many communities, with the support of community-based organizations, were able to cope with the ravages that [Hurricane] Maria left. With this collaborative planning process, we will lay the foundations for continuing to strengthen communities in a participatory way, enabling their own development. We hope that this collaborative platform will allow a process conducive to action with agility and speed."

David Carrasquillo, president of the Society Puerto Rican Planning added, "we decided to participate in the working group, assembled by Foundation for Puerto Rico, to provide our experience for this important planning process which is crucial for Puerto Rico communities to develop long-term resilience plans."

"Through this initiative, Foundation for Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization which has demonstrated great results in leading multisectoral collaborations, will lead the process to help communities understand their real needs across sectors based upon the best available data. This way, we can continue to take positive steps forward, for the recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico,” said the secretary of the DV.

The DV assigned $37.5 million for the program from the funding allocation of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR).

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