La Economía del Visitante: hacia un sistema nacional de estadísticas de turismo (July 2017-ESP/ENG)

Research Overview:

During 2016, through its first publication: “La economía del visitante: del conocimiento a la acción”FPR advocated for the need of a National System of Tourism Statistics (NSTS). In this paper, FPR decided to go deeper into the issue, detailing the necessary steps to meet the goal of developing the first System of Tourism Statistics (STS) in Puerto Rico. This paper presents the main elements of this system which go beyond statistics since they include the conceptual framework (definitions and concepts), systems and processes for information management and the development of estimates, and the collaboration agreements necessary to manage the system in an orderly and systematized way. After discussing these elements, the second part of this document describes the most important statistics that Puerto Rico must produce as a destination to correctly measure the impact that tourism activity has on the local economy.

Research Highlights:

  • Reveals the actual panorama of the tourism statistics in Puerto Rico

  • Explores the main elements of a System of Tourism Statistic (STS)

  • Distinguishes between a STS, National Statistical System and a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA)

  • Presents different models to establish a TSA in Puerto Rico

  • Advocates for the creation of a National System of Tourism Statistics